Fully-Managed Conversion Optimization

Get more clicks, more leads, more buyers: SmartCTR is fully-managed user interface and conversion optimization for eCommerce, SaaS, and Lead-Gen websites. We use state of the art machine learning to optimize high-value elements across your entire site without almost no effort on your part.

Improvements designed for you

Our expert team and proprietary software create new variations and UI improvements just for you.

Your site + data science

We use the latest machine learning to find and show the best variations on each pageview, increasing your conversion rate over time.

More clicks, more buyers

We guarantee a real increase in conversion or your money back. More clicks, more leads, more buyers.

The right combination for every visitor

We start with the basic elements your customers interact with (product images, “add to cart” buttons, social CTAs, and more) and run tens, hundreds, or thousands of ongoing, simultaneous tests on each of them. Our smart machine learning finds and matches the best converting combinations with each visitor in real time.

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An awesome product with even better conversion.

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Real-time, always-on optimization

SmartCTR doesn't optimize to a single endpoint like most other solutions: our software works continuously to generate the best conversion for each visitor on every pageview. We can take seasonality, timing, geographic location, referrer, and ad-blindness into account to deliver fresher content that is always getting better.

Simple and easy reporting

Collecting data can lead to interesting and valuable observations, which is why we provide all SmartCTR users with an easy-to-follow reporting dashboard.

Watch (in real-time) as various elements are improved, modified, and improved again. See sitewide improvement averages or drill into individual elements and combinations. We collect data to optimize foundational elements — you can use it to make larger strategic improvements.

How it works


Code Integration

Installing SmartCTR is as easy as copying and pasting a script into your site. We can even do it for you.


Generate Variations

With your (optional) help, our team will find high-value elements on your site and continuously create UI variations we think will increase the CTR of those elements.


Machine Learning

Our algorithms will rotate the variations and track performance in real-time across your entire site. The best combinations for each page, product, and visitor will automatically be shown more often, and CTR will improve as our software learns more and makes more improvements.


5-15% Increased CTR

On average SmartCTR clients see a 5-15% increase in conversion rate of the optimized elements. That's more products added to cart, more email signups, more completed checkouts. All with a minimum amount of effort. For a limited time, we're even backing this promise with a guarantee: if you don't see results within 60 days we'll give your money back.

Technical Features

Best-in-class performance

SmartCTR doesn't block page load and can deliver live content in under 150ms — it's nearly 10x faster than similar services.

Compatible and reliable

We're compatible with all modern browsers and have fallbacks in place to keep your page looking its best all the way back to IE6.

Easy large-scale testing

SmartCTR is built from the ground up to handle large-scale, programmatic testing. Easily optimize more pages and more variables than ever before.

World-wide delivery CDN

Our service is backed by multiple data-centers around the world and is accelerated by Fastly (a top-performance real-time CDN).

Dynamic optimization

Using advanced statistical learning we automaticlly find and deploy higher converting content — all without manual intervention.

Flexible goal tracking

Optimize for a specific click-target, the next page in the funnel, time on site, or bounce rate. Any common metric can be optimized.

Our Customers

SmartCTR is designed for companies and startups that have a high-value online presence — we specialize in providing an outsourced team of conversion and UI specialists that help convert more of your vistors into buyers, leads, or members.

Read about some of our current happy customers to the right or contact us below to get a demo of our product on your own website. We promise you'll learn something useful even if you don't end up using us.

Medialoot is a store for graphic design and web resources. Using SmartCTR they were able to find the best product image for every design across the entire marketplace. Total conversion increase: 13.28%.

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Spotwalk is a startup aimed at providing better pet care. SmartCTR is being used on their landing page to improve customer signup flow. Landing page conversion is increased and still climbing.

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